A Productive Summer – Fiona Finds Her Purpose

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-3-45-50-pmMy posts have slowed down with the summer weather but that is not saying I haven’t been working.  It has not only taken this summer but the two summers prior to arrive to publication…hard work and tremendous learning.

Fiona Finds Her Purpose is a story of survival.  Under unlikely circumstances a pair of African wild dog pups come into the world only to be abandoned by their mother.  Their zookeeper, determined to keep them from bonding with humans, must find a lactating African wild dog to foster them. There are none to be found, at least not right away.  Meanwhile miles away in a kill shelter a black lab abandoned after giving birth to still born puppies, awaits her fate. Will their paths cross?  What will the future bring?


Fiona Finds Her Purpose is written for readers age ten to one-hundred- ten.  It discusses several issues I am very passionate about: animal rescue, protecting endangered animals with hopes of restating them back to their natural environment, and protecting habitat for the life that is shared there.

Fiona Finds Her Purpose is very loosely based on a real event. I had no personal experience with this event but was fascinated by the idea. In writing Fiona Finds Her Purpose I combined experiences I have had over a life time.  I learned of the unconventional feeding program described in the book when visiting a wild cat rescue. Fiona is actually a dog rescued by a friend still showing evidence of having been a mother. The description of the zoo is a bit of all the zoos I have visited over a life time. I learned of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and Species Survival Plans when taking a class to be a docent at a nearby zoo. I researched African wild dogs and brought a lifetime of observations of domestic canine behavior to the story. My imagination was in full swing…..this is a true work of fiction.

Fiona Finds Her Purpose can be purchased through Amazon.com.

It is my hopes all will enjoy this heart warming story.