My Winter Mouse


Weighing only ounces they instill fear, create chaos, startle us, and can carry disease. Living in a rural area from time to time I see mice running through my wildflowers and tall grasses. Most are consumed by the snakes, foxes, birds and other carnivores that also make my wildflower field, grasses, and pine trees their home.

I am well aware of the damage mice can cause. I keep my birdseed in a garbage can with a lid, have a fat cat residing in my home, and keep the garage door shut, among other things, to keep these little creatures out of my environment.

In keeping with my life philosophy that each soul is as valuable as another I have developed a relationship

Little feet finding treats.

with a mouse living under my porch. I would see its little footprints in the snow as it made nightly trips to find food. It made me smile to see the print of its tale dragging in the middle of its paw prints. I saw it making trips night after night in the frigid cold.

I found a primitive wooden bowl and put it on my porch. I placed 3 Spanish Peanuts in it and yes the next

Chris Rieser

morning they were gone. Then a walnut and dried cherry. Each night it checks the bowl as if receiving manna from heaven.

My favorite experience with this little fellow was the day I left it dryer lint. We had just washed our plush bath towels for the first time. The lint was so soft….virgin lint so to speak. I tucked it under the doormat. It was gone the next day.

See those bright eyes far left near the rabbit statue.

I will continue this silliness until the first signs of spring then it is on its own. I am well aware feeding rodents is not a good idea but somehow this little fellow speaks to me.




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  1. Vicki Shurly February 7, 2018 at 10:07 pm

    As always, well done!

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