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Max_very early


Max hails from Eugene, OR. He moved there three years ago  from Des Moines, IA with his adoptive family. He is part chihauhau and part terrier. Max loves to burrow under the blankets and chase all sorts of real or imagined creatures through the pines.




Max being cute



Max I am so cute I need a cat treat please.







Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.22.50 PM





Meet a fledgling green sea turtle from Florida. Unfortunately all the man made light confused the little guy and he was headed away from the sea. Fortunately a young volunteer spotted him or her and got it headed in the right direction.








Meet Daisy from Orange, VA. Five years ago she was found in a garage after a foreclosure. Daisy loves her adoptive mom, and her eight canine, two feline and chinchilla companions.  Daisy is the official hostess of the house.

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Say hello to Althea the Chinchilla from Orange, VA.   Althea was rescued from a pet shop.  She was to be the snake’s next meal. Althea’s adoptive mother took her home immediately.  It took Althea awhile to adjust. She now she plays, allows her human mom to pet her and even lets visitors give her treats.   Althea has nine canine companions whom she supervises from her hideouts and will often come out to play.


teddy 2Meet Teddy from Lawrenceville, NJ. Teddy’s adoptive mother found him through a newspaper ad. When she first saw him he was on a five foot rope in a dirt yard absent of water and toys.  He had never been allowed off this rope. She immediately adopted him. Due to his confinement Teddy hops on his front feet when he walks. Today Teddy and his mom are constant and loyal companions.






Meet Iris from Gordonsville, VA. She waited a year to find her forever home. Here she takes a minute of comfort from Mark.