by Karen Rieser

Born in a dark closet,My first publication. to a loving mother, this gray tabby kitten has no idea of the life that awaits him. His brief but pleasurable stay with Madeline comes to an abrupt end as he and his brothers and sisters are left at Miss Lily’s Cat Rescue. Eventually, he finds a home, but not the right one; he is needed elsewhere. Follow this feline as he struggles to find his place and purpose in the world.

 Available from the author:  ‘A Cat With Three Tales’ (8.95 plus shipping and handling)  For children third grade and up and cat loving adults.

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A story of survival.  Under unlikely circumstances a pair of African wild dog pups come into the world only to be abandoned by their mother. Their zookeeper, determined to keep them from bonding with humans, must find a lactating African wild dog to foster them.  There are none to be found, at least not right away.  Meanwhile miles away in a kill shelter a black lab has been abandoned for giving birth to still born puppies awaits her fate.  Will their paths cross?  What will the future bring?


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AIDEN’S TREEScreen Shot 2015-01-31 at 1.14.09 PMThe story of the life cycle of an evergreen tree and her place in the life of a young Michigan boy, Aiden. Follow this tree from a seedling, to a Christmas Tree Lot, Aiden’s home, Dodds Market across from Chief Wawatam Park, the Straits of Mackinaw, and the Saint Ignace Marina. A forgotten ornament will keep you on her trail as you weave through Michigan History and Geography.