Behind The Scenes

How We Found Max


Max our rescue cat. Our journey with Max was an adventure from the very beginning. My son and I had flown eight hundred miles to help my parents sort through a life time of belongings. It would not be long before they would be moving. My mother mentioned that my father might like a cat. We jumped on the idea. We shared our idea with my sister. We formulated a plan to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a cat before our return home.

How hard could it be to find a cat? Harder than we thought. We wanted an older cat with a pleasing personality. We sought out the shelter but it was closed. The next day we began visiting cat adoption events. The first had only kittens. We were referred to a second and they demanded a waiting period, a recommendation from a vet, and references.  We were returning to Michigan in five days we did not have time for that. We were not going to drop a cat into my parent’s lives and leave. Again we were referred to another event.

Eventually, we arrived at PetSmart fifty miles from home. There were older cats available. My sister spotted a cat hiding in a litter box. She reach in and pulled it out. There was a beautiful male gray and black tabby cat. He snuggled into her neck and purred. This was our cat.

I found the event supervisor. Again, a waiting period and vet recommendation. I explained our situation. She watched my sister stroke and love the cat. She decided to take a chance and allowed us to adopt the cat. We left the store with over one hundred dollars of supplies and headed home.

To this day I truly believe we were led to this particular cat. To learn the rest of the story read ‘A Cat With Three Tales’.




It was some years later my husband and I visited the Traverse City, Michigan’s PetSmart. It is PetSmart’s philosophy not to sell cats and dogs but to find homes for cats and dogs in need through local agencies.  We noticed a room full of cats. I always have to look and talk to each one. One cat came up and listened intently. Oh I liked her. We decided we wanted to take her home.  We would have to wait until the next evening for a representative of ACPAW, a local rescue group, to meet with us. I will never forget the wait. That night there was a very noisy violent thunderstorm. All I could think of was how frightened the cats must be.

We returned the next evening. We were permitted to adopt her as we had been there the night before. They had so many cats that the adoption fee was half the regular price…we paid full price. Pearl has been with us for three years. My husband tells me that Pearl tells him that if we don’t treat her well she has ACPAW on speed dial. See her story in my first blog.