IMG_0608Pearl is the rescue  with whom we will spend our senior years. Sadly, her first family left her behind in an empty apartment. It was some time before she was discovered by a neighbor. Pearl was taken to a local cat rescue who in turn put her up for adoption at our local PetSmart store where we found her. Pearl waited several months before she found her forever home. The experience was so stressful for her she lost the fur on the bridge of her nose.

Today Pearl’s life is quite different. She has her own cat garden of  grass and catnip, a tent in the closet for privacy, favorite places to sleep on soft blankets, a screened deck to safely check out the world, and a fireplace for winter warmth.

Pearl’s story has a happy ending, but sadly this is not usually the case.

  • Three point four million cats enter shelters per year.
  • Ninety percent  of the animals entering shelters have not been spayed or neutered.
  • Of the cats entering shelters 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized and 5% are returned to their owners.
  • Seventy million stray cats live in the United States. Most are family pets without identification

IMG_0323It is very important that we support the efforts of trusted organizations such as the ASPCA and our local rescues as they struggle to bring these concerns under control. We must promote responsible animal care such as, spaying and neutering our pets, having our pets chipped, updating the chip information as needed, and considering adopting a mature animal.

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